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mixed year

A lot has happened in these last three weeks (and the whole of 2014 for that matter).

Concert & Death
I've been to my first 1D concert, on 16th of June in Parken, Copenhagen, Denmark. That was something. It was amazing seeing the way Harry & Louis orbits around each other. They keep sneaking glanses at eachother and follow each other. So good for my Larry feels. I must admit that my primary focus was on Louis and Harry so I didn't really follow Ziam so much (sorry). But I've seen some pictures from the concert so I know that they had their moments too. There have been a lot of debate about Louis throwing soda on some of the fans after they drenched him in water - but really he did warn them so it couldn't have come as a total surprise since he set his bottles out to the edge of the stage so that he could reach them on his way back from the cat-walk stage.

And I must say that I'm proud of myself for going, since it's the first major event I've been to on my own since my anxiety started. That was a Monday.

Saturday the 21th of June my dog was put to sleep. He was 13 years and 9 months old, and you could tell that it would be inhuman to let him carry on. Even though it was heart-breaking saying goodbye to him - then at least he wouldn't suffer anymore with arthritis anymore.

In the beginning of the year January 4th I got my tattoos number 4-5-6-7 (triangle on the inside of my right angle, lamba on the outside of my right angle, question marks on the inside of my right wrist and last a rewind on the inside of my left wrist above my birdcage.

The 26th of April I got a dreamcatcher on my right shoulder blade.

the 3rd of Juli I got a lantern with sakura flowers and a banner saying Through The dark on my left ribcage. It's not finished yet it still needs some colour which are coming on at the next session on August 4th.

I'm starting at HGs again this August, so I can only hope that'll be okay this time and that I don't get an anxiety attack again like the first time.

That's all for now.
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christmas new year

So it's been awhile since I've written anything, I am really bad at keeping a journal. Sorry about that. This is probably going to be the last post of the year - no surprise there when you think about it.

Well I'm going to recap my year in segments that may or may not cross over each other and jump through time. Just to make it all more fun!

I started in a therapy Group for anxiety all the while I am getting medicine to battle my anxiety and depression- and it seems to be working, 'cause I can't remember the last time I was actually happy and I am happy now. I don't wake up feeling like the world would be better off without me - so my suicide thoughts have been laid on a shelf in the darkest corner of my mind and I hope I'll never revisit them there.

I also entered an experimental programme called Sherpa, where you get a mentor whom will help you come back into the world of the living when you are going through depression and anxiety like I am. And I've come a long way. At the moment I have an internship at a pet shop where I am gradually getting more and more hours.

I have gotten my second and third tattoos and I am sooooo happy with them. And I already have number 4-5-6 and 7 planned and I am making designs for number 8.

I have finally giving in to my desire for One Direction. I absolutely love them. And Midnight Memories is so fucking god damn good I don't know what to do with my self. When they come to Denmark next year I am going to see them. That will be the second concert I've ever been to in my life. The first one was BSB back in 1999. I must profess that I am a full Larry Believer and proud of it. I also believe in Ziam. I hope that the boys will change their management team Modest and find someone else. And I hope that they will come out in the near future so that they can be happy out in the open once again as they were in their X-factor days.

I've gotten a new book-love. Sandrine Gasq-Dions series of Assassin & shifers, the 12 Olympians, and the Santorno series. I can recommend the a thousands times over.

There are probably a lot of things that I have forgotten to write but that's what happens I'll leave you all with my new furniture that I am so in love with a puf-chair and a dresser



So I am wishing you all a very happy new year
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nothing ecept TV ramblings

Well it's been a really loooong time since I've written anything and frankly I haven't been feeling it still don't but here's a Little something from me anyway.

I finally got to see Wicked the musical, unfortunately not live on stage per say, but a video version of the play put on youtube, which was from Broadway October 9th 2007. And it is FANTASTIC. I really hope I'll get to Watch it live one day - but until that happens I have the youtube version. And I LOVE the songs and well everything about it the humor the romance the injustice. If you haven't seen it you should.

I've cut down on some of the TV-series that I follow and decided to stop following some when this season ends. Revenge, Pretty Little Liars, Vampire Diaries - I've stopped I simply think that it's the same old same old all the time no development at all A's up to no good, new people to put on Emily's revenge list and who should Elena be with and who is foe and who's not? Too much of nothing so I stopped.

Suburgatory, Smash, The New Normal, Suits - I'm stopping when this season ends whether they are renewed or not

I'm not sure about The Mentalist & Once Upon A Time (if they're renewed) they have the same kind of same old same old as revenge, PLL & VD. Who's Red John when is he going to get caught and who's really evil in OUAT??? So I'm still pending those two. Hart Of Dixie is actually in the same boat - but my mom still watches it so I'll have to get it for her.

I definitely be continuing watching Hawaii Five-0, Castle, Awkward, Game Of Thrones and especially Glee & Teen Wolf (Which are my favourites. Being a hard-core Klainer (and CrissColfer) and Sterek Fan).

So that's it for now.

As I said this is really nothing but my ramblings on one of my favourite pastimes.

Take care
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Happy 2011

Happy New Year.

Hope everybody went into the new year without any damages. It's a windy morning here but fortunately I can only hear it and not feel it.

If you have any new year resolutions be sure to keep 'em. (I know that 90% don't - but yaeh it really is up to yourself.)

I don't have any - 'cause I can't really seem to keep 'em anyway so why make them.

So take care in this year and make the most of it 'cause you ain't getting it back. Oh this is getting to philosophical even for me - perhaps I should just end this rant before it get to out of hand.

one more thing I leave you with a beautiful picture of my newest obsession Ste Hay & Brendan brady from Hollyoaks:

perhaps I should just join them in bed...
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(no subject)

Woooow it's been a looong time since I wrote anything here. School officially ended today. Now all that's left is the exams. And I have one on my birthday...WHAAAA! Why did they have to put it there. My birthday is usually spent shopping i Copenhagen, not writing english essays.

And I spent so much money lately. I've ordered and pre-ordered so many mangas that should keep me for a life time- sadly they only last about a week before I've read them all and craving new ones.

Yes I've become an addict. Seriously I used to hate manga and anime until January 2006, where I watched Yu-Gi-Oh and fell in love with Seto Kaiba. That boy is just so damn hot. and I finally been abel to manipulated one of my favorite pictures of him (I got the colours to balance more beautifully, it used to be too dark.)

isen't he just gorgeous?

and another manga which I recently discovered and got hooked on is Vampire Knight. Talk about sexy guys all at one place. This is one of my favorite colour picture from it. It's the vol. 4 cover featuring Yuuki & Zero. (Zero just look SOOOOOOOOOOOO hot in this picture)

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(no subject)


I just got ALL my mangas. The Hana-Kimi vol. 1-16, Little Butterfly vol. 3 and Loveless vol. 4 and that means a whole lot of reading!!!!!

And if the day couldn't get any better Countless Time released the last chapter of Aoi Hitsuji no Yume (by Makoto Tateno), and two of her one shorts form Martini Kouryakuhou entitle: Let's Forget , and Restrained Growth! and the two last chapters of Ka Shin Fu, also by Makoto Tateno was also released. I'm so happy I could fly!!!

This is a picture from the first first one short, Let's Forget

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(no subject)

Happy Valentine!

The day of love and happiness and my grand cousin's 11th birthday happy birthday My.

This is one of my favorite pictures from a really wonderful manga. i just hope that it will be translated soon, so I can understand what they are saying. enjoy the picture

Naoyuki (black) & Shinobu (blond) from How To Conquer A (martini Martini Kouryakuhou {Martini Capture Method})
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Finally after waiting for three month I got my Viewfinder mangas vol. 1 + 2, by Ayano Yamane. She is a goddess. I simply love the stories and now I'm waiting for vol. 3 which is scheduled to come out in the next few month. And then I'm really looking forward to Makoto Tateno's Omen, and 9th Sleep which will be released in april and may. God so many great mangas to come such a looooong wait. Well I can always hope that my Hana-Kimi - series will come within the next few days so my time won't seem too long.
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(no subject)

whoa a whole year just went by really really fast. I can't quite believe it yet. the time just flies by and before I know it I'm 20! (shit I feel old already)(no offense, to people older the me). Christmas was nice. Got a lot of manga 12 to be exact + I just ordered a lot so more manga for me to read Yeah. New Year was kind of quiet didn't do much at all. and know school has started again- sooooo not funny, but then again it's only 5-6 month until I finish there and have to find something else to do? I just wonder what I'm going to choose????
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(no subject)

A quick little entry. I was in Sweden yesterday, where I was supposed to have gotten my christmas presents from my cusins. But apperently they had forgotten about that so my brother and I did not get our presents, 'caused they were left in Malmø. But we had their presents with us so their children got theirs!!!!
i'm so mad at them. I've been longing to get some new manga to read and I know that I would have gotten some from them, considering that it was the only thing I wished for this christmas.
Ups I already wrote more that I had intented! Sorry for troubling you all with my personal problems!
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